Father's Day Gift Ideas for 2020


By the time you are old enough to buy a gift for your dad, chances are he has already accumulated a lot of stuff and may even buy things whenever he feels like it. This can understandably make buying a gift for dad more difficult. If you are feeling lost about what to get pops, we have some ideas and insight into what gifts might fill dad with delight.

Before you start to shop, you need to stop and think about who your dad is and what he likes. You may just know your dad better than you think you do.

Think back to the days when you were growing up with your dad. What do you remember doing with him? Even simple things like television shows you watched together or sporting events you attended can give you clues for unexpected gifts he might appreciate.

What type of guy is your dad? If he wasn’t your dad, what would you notice about him? How would you describe him to a stranger? Some of these exercises may force you to take a different look at your dad and even see something you may have previously overlooked.

Just in case you are still uncertain, we compiled some of the top 2020 gifts for Father’s Day into a handy, dandy categorized list.

Relaxing Gifts

Chances are, your dad probably works or worked hard when you were growing up, and in that case, he could use an excuse to relax. If your dad didn’t work hard, you already know he enjoys relaxing, so these gifts work for both kinds of dads.

Relaxation is important for maintaining both physical and mental health. Father’s Day is a great time to convince your dad to relax with gifts that make that prospect even more enticing. Consider getting your dad a luxurious and comfy robe and a pair of slippers.

Dads often enjoy kicking back in the great outdoors, so depending on what form of the outdoors your dad likes best, you could get him a hammock, an outdoor lounge chair, foldable beach/camping chairs or a set of Adirondack chairs for beautifying the backyard.

Another relaxing gift is a gadget to give the old guy a massage. Does your dad ever complain of any aches and pains? There are handheld deep tissue massagers, shiatsu massagers and foot massagers. Some of these massagers even have adjustable pressure, intensity and heat.

Fun Gifts

If your dad seems relaxed already, maybe the next best gift is one that promotes fun. What does he do for fun? Are there any games that your dad likes to play?

Since shuffleboard is almost synonymous with retirement, get your dad a funny gift that will also be fun for you all. There are inexpensive tabletop shuffleboard games and even a drinking version of the tabletop game for the dad who enjoys a cold one.

For other fun and games for the dad who likes a gamble, there are handheld Vegas gambling traveling games to allow him to give it a shot and play the slots without gambling away savings. There are tabletop horse races and roulette wheel games too. To get the rest of the family in on the fun, give dad a full-size folding poker table and let the games begin.

Nostalgic Gifts

Do you have an activity that reminds you of your dad? Many of us can recall a favorite television show or movie. Luckily, the online world has made nostalgic items much more attainable for those of us who fail to frequent antique shops.

If your dad had a favorite show that you can recall, why not get him a box set to watch? Perhaps you and your dad went to sporting events together, so a jersey of a favorite team, a baseball card or a signed ball might be a thoughtful gift for dad.

If your dad had favorite snacks, foods or dessert items, getting small things to remind him of fun times you had in the past are an easy, yet incredibly meaningful and personal way to celebrate Father’s Day.

Activity Gifts

If you and your dad live close by, why not make your Father’s Day gift an activity you can do together? If your dad likes comedy, buy tickets to see a comedian. If your dad likes sports, see what is happening in your town around Father’s Day and go somewhere together.

Maybe there is something you can remember your dad talked about wanting to do. Is it possible for you to make that happen? Consider any dreams your dad might have had and how you can contribute to making them a reality.

Self-Improvement Gifts

Dads are incredibly important people. They shape our lives and are there for us in times of need. For this reason, self-improvement gifts to keep him in shape are a natural choice.

Is your dad active, or are you trying to encourage him to be more active? What about a gym membership? If he isn’t the type to exercise in public, there are many options for at-home exercise.

Even something as small as a set of barbells can get him moving. There are folding exercise peddlers that do not take up much space but might get him into shape.

For monitoring workouts, he might like a stylish, wearable tracker like a Fitbit. To let him monitor everything without the worry or hassle of wearing something on his wrist, there are also fingertip oximeters. With the simple press of his finger, an LED screen will light up with important details like pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation levels.

For the dad who wants his self-improvement to be highly visible, help him put his best face forward. Although men often neglect to purchase anti-aging products, they do care about their appearance. There are now many options for men wanting to look their best while fighting signs of aging.

Delivered Gifts

Sometimes, no matter how much you want to be there for him on his special day, you just can’t make it for a visit. That doesn’t mean that Father’s Day should pass by unnoticed. It simply means you might have to put a bit more thought into his gift and get it delivered.

There are many options for gifts that can be delivered, but there is added security when you work with someone who specializes in gift delivery.

Our florists at 1-800-Flowers Allen in Allen, TX, are always willing to go the extra mile to send someone a smile, including your dad. For Father’s Day or any other occasion, consider contacting us to send your message of love. We have beautiful arrangements but also carry gift options beyond flowers.

Your father is an important part of your life. By taking the time to give him a personal gift and send a message letting him know how much he means to you, how he has influenced you and made you feel safe and loved, you can make this Father’s Day one that he will never forget.

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