Father's Day Gifts (not for dad)

What’s blood got to do with it? Not as much as love. Sometimes a father is a male parent who is directly related by blood, and in other cases, a father is a friend or relative who has taken on the father figure role. This Father’s Day, no matter who you consider your dad, show him you care because he has given you a foundation of love.

There are many different types of guys worthy by virtue of deed, if not blood, of being called fathers. These people are all different. There is no one-size-fits-all dad, so there is no one approach to getting him the right gift.

Don’t worry, the perfect gift is out there waiting to be found, but in order to find it, you might have to search for clues the way a detective would. Sometimes you must be willing to do a little digging into what makes your “dad” tick, and we aren’t suggesting the standard old wrist watch or neck tie.

There are many sides to a person, and the person you know as your dad may be a bit different when he is around other people. Your dad may talk to his buddies about hobbies and interests they share. They may hit on the items he would like to buy.

Just as detectives start a case by seeking information from people who are close to the suspect, start your gift guesswork by asking his closest friends or relatives for info. Just make sure to be the “good cop” instead of “bad cop” because you don’t want his friends to start asking for lawyers.

Aside from conversing with his friends, you probably already have a bunch of small details about your dad that could all combine to form a picture of the perfect gift. Like furniture from Ikea, the details may require assembly, so it can help to write things down. Think of your father as a character you want to describe, as if you were going to write a book about who he is and how his influence shaped the person you have become.

Write down anything that comes to mind as you think about your dad, even if a detail seems small or meaningless. Clear your mind and let it wander because you never know what ideas might pop or where an idea will lead you. If nothing else, you can at least relax while you ponder it.

As you sit there thinking about your dad, you can start by listing physical traits like what he looks like and what he wears. Does he have a favorite shirt? Sometimes thinking of something as simple as a favorite shirt can hold the key to the right gift. Is the favorite shirt a sports team or band? If so, your gift could easily coincide with something you already know he likes.

If physical traits don’t help you in your quest to discover the perfect gift, you are going to have to dig a little deeper. Who is this guy? Write down words you might use to describe him to a stranger. What’s the things he likes and doesn’t like? Even things as simple as types of food or beverages he enjoys, his favorite films, music or books and any hobbies like sports, hunting and fishing or cars and trucks can be a leading clue.

Once you have taken the time to get reacquainted with your father, look at what you wrote to see if any ideas spark. If you are still in the dark, have no fear. It is always darkest before the dawn.

Even if this brainstorming about your father hasn’t led you to the perfect gift, it has likely led to some realizations about what he has meant to you and how he has influenced your life. The words to describe the feelings he inspires may not feel like a gift, but if you write these ideas down and give them to him in a card or a letter, the meaning behind the words may eclipse any gift you could think to buy. It is a priceless gift that doesn’t cost you anything besides time.

Now that you have an idea of who your dad is and where his interest lies, we have a few gift ideas for certain kinds of dads, broken down by type. Keep in mind, there is probably going to be some overlap as most dads are not going to fit neatly into one category.

Professor Pops

He loves to read and probably has an itch to share the opinions he developed with plenty of thought and research. He enjoys a lively debate and has always been able to entertain your friends. Professor Pops is cool without trying. Even though his clothes are not stylish and maybe never were, there is something neat about a man who knows things and still has a lust for learning.

If you are looking for a gift Professor Pops will appreciate, consider the importance of the source. He is all about learning, so look for a gift from local museums, art galleries or nature centers. If you don’t want to visit one of those places in person, there is a website called, “Scientifics Online” that has a huge supply of gift ideas for the dude who loves science, engineering, electronics, robotics, earth science and physics.

Another idea is to get Professor Pops a pass to Masterclass online classes. From cooking taught by Gordon Ramsey to film classes taught by David Lynch, these classes are taught by the masters of their field and guaranteed to keep Professor Pops captivated while he learns from the best.

Military Man Dad

He is as rigid and unyielding as his hair is short. During your childhood, he could be heard bemoaning the lack of discipline and structure in your life, sometimes before the sun had even come up. Age seems like it hasn’t caught up with him, but if it has, he probably tackled it and chased it off like he would any adversary. For better or worse, Military Man Dad made you who you are and whipped you into shape.

He may be a man of few words, but his lack of speech makes his words even more meaningful. Since he is a man of few words, chances are, he is not going to tell you what he wants for Father’s Day. Military Man Dad is practical and prepared, so get him a gift that will coincide with that desire to be ready for whatever comes up.

A useful gift idea is a ridge wallet. Made in manly materials like aluminum and carbon fiber, these wallets are sleek yet still hold 12 cards and have a sturdy money clip. The RIFD technology prevents identity theft, and proceeds from their sales benefit the Navy Seal Foundation.

Another idea for the hardcore Military Man Dad is a survival kit. Available with both urban and outdoor versions, a survival kit will probably be appreciated but hopefully never be needed. If you want something a little less extreme, a nice military compass with a simple engraving will probably suffice.

Finer Things Father

He taught you that hard work pays off and that even though money may not buy happiness or love, it can buy really nice things. Finer Things Father loves to show off his new toys, and his items are always top-of-the-line name brands that are synonymous with luxury.

Finer Things Father can be difficult to buy for, especially since he is picky, typically buys what he wants when he wants it and most likely, has expensive taste. Since this may eliminate some of your ideas, consider a subscription to a site like Bespokepost.com where a small box of luxury items will be mailed monthly.

If Finer Things Father is often too busy to shop, there are also Trunk Club monthly subscriptions available to suit all styles and budgets.

If he doesn’t already have one, he might like a coffee cold brew gift set or an expresso machine to keep him energized while he is earning. However, Finer Things Father may already have those coveted kitchen items. Most Finer Things Fathers enjoy travel, so consider a fun scratch off map. That way, those world travels can be documented by simply scratching them off like a scratch off ticket.

Tech Savy Pappy

He made sure your family was connected, and he knew what the Internet was before most people ever heard the first loud sound of the slow dial up connection we have since left in the dust. He has always been delighted by the many advances in technology, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Since Tech Savy Pappy usually looks for the latest tech offering the most convenience, he may appreciate the latest Amazon Echo, which can recite the news, control the thermostat, lock the doors and dim the lights, among other things.

Of course, Tech Savy Pappy is all about the gadgets, so he can likely use and enjoy a power bank charger or a useful gadget like the Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1 USB-C Charger. Keeping power going is important.

For the techie, let there be light, and what better way to illuminate the scene than the latest gadget, The Lume Cube LED light? It is a palm-sized gadget with fully adjustable brightness that can be adjusted by smartphone and can even light up under water. It is a great tool for photography and just plain helpful in any situation to make sure that he and his many gadgets stay charged and connected.

Tech Savy Pappy may enjoy something unexpected like a long-distance touch lamp. It is a unique way to communicate that he is in your thoughts. A long-distance touch lamp is a way to surprise him with a gift he would never expect that will also be a techie gift that will look good in his home.

Since tech is always about change, keeping up with the latest gadgets is a never-ending battle. Whatever you do decide to get him, make it the latest version, do some research and snoop around to make sure he doesn’t already own whatever you have in mind.

Adventure Dad/Fitness Father

He was always urging you to try new things, sometimes to an extent that made you uncomfortable. Adventure Dad/Fitness Father kept you on your toes and made sure you knew how to swim, stayed in shape and pushed yourself past your normal limits.

Sometimes he got you lost in the wilderness, cold and shivering, and he refused to listen to the advice of meteorologists or travel guides. Directions? Who needs em’?

Despite sometimes suffering for his search for adventure, it is because of Adventure Dad/Fitness Father you recognize the importance of getting off the couch and seeing the world.

For this dad, there are many different gift ideas that could coincide with his habit of getting out there and getting active. A Fitbit Versa Smartwatch will allow him to track his activity, heart rate, sleep and notifications and apps for 4 days while he is on-the-go.

Some useful accessories for the great outdoors include a hammock for relaxing, a Yeti insulated steel water bottle for staying stylish and hydrated and a handy tool like the James Brand Multi-tool that fits in his pocket but features the functionality of five different tools, including a scraper, bottle-opener, prybar and combo screwdriver.

For technical travel wear, figure out his size and buy him some Mack Weldon Radius travel pants. Water resistant, wind resistant, stain resistant and quick to dry, these pants are the perfect item for Adventure Dad/Fitness Father to wear when he is dragging you or someone else on an impromptu adventure.

Whatever you decide to get for this father, be ready to accompany him on any adventure he chooses.

When it comes to Father’s Day and the many fathers we mentioned, if you are still at a loss and want to send him something he will love, consider letting our florists at 1-800-Flowers Allen in Allen, TX help you figure out a great gift that can be sent right to his door.

No matter who he is to you or which kind of guy he is, Father’s Day is about celebrating the man who has been a dad to you, regardless of whether he was your paternal pops, a stepfather or someone who stepped up when no one else did.

Likely, the man you look up to, who has always been there for you, probably fits into a few of these categories, so feel free to pick and choose whatever gifts you think he might like or get inspiration from these ideas. We hope they lead you to an even more personal present.

The most important thing to remember on Father’s Day is to let him know how much it has meant to you to have him in your life and in your corner. Whether he is Dad, pop, father, pal or friend, wish him a Happy Father’s Day!

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