Mother's Day Gifts (not for mom)

What does it mean to be a mom? It means to be kind. It means to be selfless. It means to be loving. The word maternal coincides with the words nurturing, protective, warm and compassionate. The list goes on. Although a mother is truly a key piece in the development of a child’s upbringing, there are some women who may not be cut out for the job, didn't want it or didn’t have the opportunity to see it play out.

Raising a child is truly the most important job to ever be given, but it is also the hardest. You aren't just a chauffeur, a cook, a protector, a leader, a disciplinary or a parent. You are a doctor, a teacher and a friend. You are a part of raising our next generation, and the job never stops. Even after you are long gone, your legacy lives on in your child, their children and so on. For the people that take it for granted, they’ll have to live with that decision, but for the people that step up and fill that role, they deserve to be celebrated.

For the Single Dad

Single dads don’t get the appreciation they deserve. Growing up, boys are told to be tough, aren’t allowed to cry and are often told they can’t have maternal instincts. When, in reality, a father’s place is so much more than a general provider. Fathers can braid their daughter's hair, cook dinner, clean the house and show emotions. Just like mothers, fathers can do it all.

Single dads are everyday heroes for their children. They are mom, they are dad and everything in between. Being a single parent entails going above and beyond for your kid- then some more. The weight of both parental roles is on their shoulders along with financial burden. They provide both emotional and physical support for the well-being of their children. All done with not nearly enough appreciation.

Dads are truly one of the hardest-working people on earth to get a gift for. Dads are often selfless, minimalistic human beings. They are often satisfied with little to nothing and only want the best for their children. He is your protector, your guide and your shoulder to lean on when it is needed most. This Mother’s Day, it may be very hard for your dad to receive a gift. He may feel guilty, or he may wish he could do more. Consider writing him a letter and taking him out for dinner and a movie. Treat him because he always treats you. He may not want to take it, but it will mean the world to him to know that you care about him so much.

This Mother’s Day, consider getting dad something. He deserves so much appreciation. It is hard to know what gift is appropriate for dad on Mother’s Day. Consider gifts that have meaning to who your father is and why you love him so much. Something as simple as a photo album or a box filled with everything you love about him will not only show him he is appreciated, but it will show him that what he does makes an impact.

For the Grandparent Raising their Grandchildren

Often deemed the grandparenting generation, more children are raised by their grandparents than ever before. For several reasons, their parents were unable to provide for them, the opioid epidemic is on the rise and or their child, who is a single parent, needed the extra support.

Right, wrong or indifferent, grandparents have stepped up their game to ensure their grandchildren grow up in a loving and healthy environment. Although the concept of raising your grandchildren like your own is not ideal, the investment that is being made is something that will forever be cherished.

It is a sad realization when you find out so many grandparents are raising their grandchildren. It is not the way things were intended. It was not what they planned, yet they do it anyway. Their love is selfless, and your blood descends from theirs. Although you were never able to truly enjoy the beauty of a relationship between a grandparent and their grandchild. Their parenting shined through. Their sacrifices showed you more than enough of what it is like to be loved- wholeheartedly and selflessly.

An ideal gift to give a grandparent who is raising their grandchildren for Mother’s Day is a gift card for a night out or a sentimental treasure. Regardless of the fact they are raising their grandchildren, every grandparent can appreciate a gift that comes from their grandbaby’s heart. Show them some appreciation with a gift that makes them feel loved or gives them some time to themselves.

For the Family Member Who Isn’t Blood Related

Foster families, family friends or couples who adopted are no less of a parental figure than anyone else. They dedicate their time and their love to children they love. It’s the true meaning behind being a parent. The phrase blood is thicker than water is not always accurate. Sometimes the most dedicated, trustworthy and closest people in a person’s life are the people who aren’t blood related. They weren’t born a family; they became family through their love, support and sincerity. They earned the title.

There are so many unique situations when it comes to family. Some good, some bad, but overall, they are all unique. Some of us grew up similar but never the exact same. Even siblings who grew up in the same household view growing up in different ways. It may be because they were treated differently, or simply because they reacted differently. Regardless, the loved one who stepped up and took care of you did it despite the hardships and battles that came along with it. That’s a unique type of love.

They take care of you because they genuinely love you with all their heart. There was no obligation just love. Their sincerity is seen through the way they chose to make a difference in your life. Holidays like Mother’s Day aren’t always easy for the many people in the world who don’t have the traditional mother figure. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of Mother’s Day.

Show your loved one/role model how much they mean to you with something to make them feel special. Sometimes you can’t truly appreciate all the sacrifices they made. Sometimes it doesn’t truly hit a person until they have children of their own.

For the Person who has Always Been There

Regardless of who you are celebrating this Mother’s Day, the message should remain the same. It is important to make time throughout the year to show appreciation to the people that mean the most to you. It is easy to forget that the people who seem the strongest and invest the most in others, deal with their own battles to.

Setting aside time to give them the recognition they deserve is one way to invest back into their life. There are plenty of people who will play a negative role in your life. In many instances, they could be family. We have a choice to either be defeated by the people who negatively impact our life or live despite of those circumstances. Do better, live more passionately and make the most of what life has to offer.

Nothing is completely picture-perfect. No family, no gift and no activity are ever going to be as picture-perfect as we portray them to be. There are some flaws, some falling outs and some unforeseen instances that make picture-perfect seem like a fantasy. However, picture perfect is truly only that. It is how others perceive it to be. What truly matters is that the love in a family mends and molds all those cracks and forms a picture that is beautiful, regardless of what others see. If you are stumped this Mother’s Day, remember that picture-perfect gifts are overrated, but gifts with genuine thought put into them aren’t! All that matters are that the person who has always been there knows they are appreciated and loved. Never go with words left unsaid.

A picture-perfect family can be just as complicated as any other family. Nothing is as perfect as it may appear. Life throws its curveballs, but we have a choice on what we do with them. If mom is not the one you are celebrating this Mother’s Day, don’t let that bring you down. Choose to embrace the uniqueness of your family and send a message to let them know how much their role in your life means to you. Your family may be made up differently, but it is no less important. Send a message of love and appreciation to the person who has always been there throughout the year, not just on Mother’s Day.

For a Picture-Perfect Mother’s Day

If you are looking to make this Mother’s Day picture perfect for someone you love, consider the person who stepped up and filled the role of mom in your life. Mother’s Day may be a hard day for them too. Odds are, they feel unworthy or maybe even guilty for the missing mother in your life. Remind them of their importance. Take some time to dig deep. Tell them about how they make a difference in your life... for the better.

Take some time and reminisce. Reminisce on the moments you spent together. Take some time to appreciate the memories and branch off that. It is easy to wallow in what was/wasn’t. It is easy to feel sorry for yourself. All that self-pity does is crumble in sorrow, and your precious time is wasted on something that ultimately didn’t change who you are. Why waste that time when there are so many good things right in front of you?

In a perfect world, no child would know what it is like to grow up without one of their parents. There would be complete balance among households. Even though the overall absence affects a child, that space can be filled with the love of someone who truly cares. It is filled by someone who is truly and wholeheartedly invested. Whether it is a single dad, a grandparent or a person who isn’t blood related, the act of stepping up to fill such a large role in a person’s life is a selfless act.

Mother’s Day is a joyous occasion for many families across the globe. It is the one day of the year where everyone is encouraged to spoil mom for the masterpiece she is. For the families that aren’t painted the same way. the idea of mom was skewed across a canvas forming an abstract piece. Here's to celebrating single dads, grandparents or whomever has filled that blank space in your life this Mother’s Day. Although the picture may not be ideal, the role they filled is no less important. They make a huge difference in our lives.

If there are several people who have made a huge impact in your life, use Mother’s Day as a day to reach out and tell them. Our florists at 1-800-Flowers Allen in Allen, TX, are here to help share love and admiration any day of the year. Flowers are one way to express nearly every emotion. Choose from roses, daisies or even plants. Your heart’s desire is now ours. Let us help you share the love you feel when you just can’t think of the words. Open up and celebrate Mother’s Day. It may not be ideal, but the meaning of the day is to show appreciation. Show them the appreciation they deserve.

Regardless of who it was that raised you, consider showing them how much they are loved and appreciated with a sincere gift this Mother’s Day. They gave you a great gift. They are your rock, your support and your parent. For that, there is no way to repay them.

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