Remembering your Furry Best Friend

A loss is a loss. Sometimes people forget that the loss of a pet is a loss of a companion, a sidekick and a furry best friend. A pet’s love is unconditional and true. Their one goal in life is to love you, and our florists at 1-800-Flowers Allen in Allen, TX, want to help you remember that.

The European Sympathy Dish Garden is a beautiful way to help show reverence when losing a furry best friend. This fresh arrangement gives you the ability to add something special to a home after a loss of a pet. When the plant is no longer there, use the basket to memorialize their favorite things along with a picture of their loving face. Every pet will leave a track of paw prints on your heart to remind you that all their love was meant for you.

From the first time you took them home to their very first walk in the park, your pet has always had your heart. When they look at you, you see the world in their eyes because their world is you. Every pet deserves to be remembered for the love they shared and the companion they were. Our pet sympathy flowers are one beautiful way of memorializing the love of your furry friend.

Losing a pet is losing a part of yourself. Keep the memory of your pet living in your day-to-day life. A picture, their favorite toy or simply a pawprint embroidered on a blanket is a daily reminder of your biggest fan. Even on the hardest days, it is important to remember that no one thinks more highly of you than your furry best friend. Even on your worst days, they were there to comfort you. Let our pet sympathy flowers be there to help comfort you or someone you know today.

Our florists at 1-800-Flowers Allen in Allen, TX, are here to help make sure every pet is remembered. Every pet plays a special role in our lives. They teach us how to love unconditionally, and they have the unique ability to connect with us beyond words and straight to our hearts. It is important to always remember your furry best friends because they never forget us.

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